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Shaurya Pratap Singh is not just a model; he is also a fitness freak. According to him, fitness is a very important aspect of a person’s life. He himself is very much involved in body building and also promotes power lifting. He believes that fitness plays an important role in achieving success in every field. He is a unique blend of a sportsperson and a fitness freak. Shaurya has a lean body and his workouts sessions are very intense, the exercises and diet plan that he follows is very effective and inspirational. The fitness model believes that it is important to spread awareness about fitness and diet with the youngsters of the nation.

He has achieved various accolades in the sport of power-lifting over the past few years. He is very much concerned about his fitness as he believes that fitness plays an important role in his career. He looks up to become not just a successful actor or model but an inspirational one. According to him, everyone can achieve their fitness goals, if they have that passion and strength which is required to achieve fitness goals. You can see his intense workout; his photo-shoots are exemplary of his fine physical appearance. Lean bodies are highly difficult to maintain as Shaurya works out extensively to stay in shape.

His athletic features have achieved various appreciations in the sport of power-lifting over the past few years. He works out in the open-gyms and parks to make sure that he promotes fitness for all, as he believes that gaining fitness does not mean that you work out in expensive gyms. He lives by a motto that nothing comes between fitness and hard-work. He is an inspiration to a great numbers of males and females, check out his photo-shoots, so that they inspire you!

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