An architect turned model Shaurya is trained and groomed by the fashion guru Prasad Bidapa himself. Shaurya has been working hard since he stepped into the industry. They say experience counts; however Shaurya has walked the ramp for benchmark designers of the country. He has also been featured in calendar shoots for renowned photographers of the industry. All this work has added all the positive aspects to his profile and boosted his confidence.

Shaurya believes that with hard work you can achieve all your dreams; however he works on the same lines. He has been blessed with the ability to interact with people from different backgrounds. He has been with people and that is where he gets his inspiration of being an actor. He is passionate about acting and is also a fitness freak.

He is a unique blend of a sportsperson and a fashion influencer. He has been involved in power lifting, bodybuilding and martial arts. Shaurya has a great command over weapons like the nunchaku, sword and bo staff. He has won various accolades in the sport of power lifting over the past few years. With certifications in the fitness athlete category, he wishes to guide youngsters on workouts and diets. According to Shaurya, it is important to spread awareness about fitness and diet with the youngsters of the nation.

Some of the more refined arts such as those of music and art have also been inculcated in Shaurya. However, he is a trained tabla player and can also play the guitar. To sum it up, here is a quote Shaurya lives by “Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”

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